Best Note Taking App for Programmers in 2024

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Being a programmer is perhaps one of the most difficult and stressful jobs out there. After all, there are a lot of different pieces of knowledge and skills that you need to know in order to be successful in this field. In general, programmers are just some of the hardest working people out there, often working in excess of 60 or even 80 hours per week.

Therefore, as a programmer, you need any and all tools possible to help make your job easier. One of the tools that you could use to help make your job easier, especially when it comes to remembering certain points, brainstorming, or just staying organized, is a note taking app or note taking application.

Being able to take fast and easy notes, keep them organized, and easily access them in the future is very important, and this is true whether we are talking about programmers or anyone else. With that being said, there are plenty of note taking apps out there, and not all of them are built the same.

Today, we want to take a closer look at some of the best note taking app for programmers. We are going to help you find an app that is easy to use, features easy to read fonts, is easy to organize, easy to access, and more. As you can probably tell, we are here to make your life easier.

Best Note Taking App for Programmers: Reviews

Let’s now take a look at some of the best note taking applications out there.

1. Evernote

Evernote is one of the most commonly used and popular note taking applications at this time. The reason for this is because it is ideal to use for a wide variety of people. It’s a good application to use for taking quick notes on personal thoughts, all the way up to taking notes for businesses, programming needs, and much more.

One of the reasons why this particular note taking application is so popular is because it is extremely versatile. It is rated as one of the best note taking apps across the board. This is true on all fronts. It’s very easy to use as you can easily organize your notes, create different categories, navigate the dashboard, add images, and so much more.

It has many different solutions, so it should be ideal for a variety of needs. What’s pretty cool is that you can also add many people to collaborate on all of your notes, plus it automatically syncs across all of your connected devices. Furthermore, you can easily integrate this note taking application with many of the other productivity tools that you already use for other purposes.

When it comes down to it, Evernote is by far one of the best note taking applications in the world and this is true for programmers and other people alike. Whether we are talking about navigation, the user interface, the ability to organize notes, invite other people, sync information, and more, Evernote is by far one of the best applications out there.


  • It includes DOC and PFD search capabilities.
  • There are plenty of formatting tools.
  • This system also connects with many other Productivity Tools that you may already use.


  • You can’t directly record audio or video.
  • Images can’t be rotated or cropped.

2. Proofhub

Yet another fantastic note taking application is known as Proofhub. This is much more than just a simple file management system or note taking application. In fact, this is a fully comprehensive project management system as well as team collaboration software.

It serves many different purposes. Mainly, it is ideal for organizing workspaces so that big groups of people can easily stay in touch, communicate with each other, share files, and much more.

Yes, Proofhub does allow you to take notes, and it does actually have a very good note taking system. It allows you to jot down very simple notes or to write very long notes. You can keep track of meetings, record daily minutes, share your notes, and so much more.

Not only can you share your notes with other people, but you can also let them contribute to them. With Proofhub, you can take notes for almost anything. It’s also very easy to organize your notes, mainly by assigning specific colors to them.

You can also store multiple notes together and attach different files to various notes. On that note, if you need a good team management application that allows you to manage all of your employees, then this is a good application to consider. However, we are really only here to talk about the notes taking aspect of things.


  • This application does not require any kind of learning curve as it has a very intuitive user interface.
  • The performance as a project management application is very good, with the note taking system also being very high-end.
  • Note taking is very advanced, with about as many features as you could possibly expect from any kind of note taking application.
  • The pricing is quite straightforward and low.


  • One of the only real downsides is that Proofhub doesn’t really integrate with many other applications.

3. Nifty

Here we have another note taking application, Nifty. Now, this is more of a team and project management tool than it is a note taking application. However, it does include a great note taking application that has many different features.

This is an application that features tasks, documents, calendars, charts, and meeting tools, all of which you can easily switch in between. You can also set goals, create timelines, automate progress, and more.

When it comes to project management tools, this is a fantastic one. Even better is that it also comes complete with an awesome note taking system where you can create documents and notes for all of your different projects, share them with people, invite collaborators, and more.

What you might also appreciate is that this application intuitively integrates with Google documents, therefore making so the process so much easier. When it comes down to it, this is one of the best project management and note taking systems out there at this time. It’s very simple, affordable, and has thousands of positive reviews.


  • It includes Google Docs integration.
  • It is very easy to organize notes.
  • The price is affordable.


  • The UI is a bit messy.

4. Notion

If you are looking for a database driven and notetaking application, then this is a fantastic one to consider. What is really cool about Notion as an application is that it is very versatile. OK, so this is technically another piece of project management software that allows you to easily organize all of your employees, tasks, and so much more. However, as far as notetaking goes, it is extremely advanced.

One of the things that is really cool about this particular note taking application is that it has a template engine. This allows you to convert virtually anything into a template that can be easily duplicated, including a collection of pages with multiple layers. There are also great previewing and media embedding tools included.

In this application, you also get access to great tables and charts, ones that are more or less databases. You can think of the databases as being combinations of Google Sheets and Google documents. At the same time, there is also a hierarchical organizational system that allows you to easily keep everything organized, along with a hybrid editor, free personal accounts, and more.

One of the only downsides is that there is no offline support, although we don’t even think that this is a very big downside. When it comes to powerful notetaking applications that also allow you to manage a workspace, we think that Notion is by far one of the best systems out there.


  • It features hybrid editors.
  • You have access to a free personal account.
  • You can easily duplicate and change notes.


  • It does not have offline support.
Best Note Taking App for Programmers

5. OneNote

If you are looking for a totally free application to take notes with, then OneNote is always a good one to consider. If what you are looking for is simplicity and cost effectiveness, then this is probably the best app at your disposal. It’s pretty cool is that this note taking application works on virtually all platforms, not to mention that it is totally free.

Even the premium features are free, although the premium features aren’t all that premium, especially when compared to some of the other applications we have looked at today. Something else you might like about this application is that you can place text boxes anywhere you see fit, you can change the background, you can draw, and you can customize quite a few different things.

However, other than that, it is quite simple and it doesn’t have many organizational capabilities. You can’t really sort your notes at all. When you create notes, they are put into the system as is, and that’s it. The interface itself is pretty messy, with navigation being somewhat difficult. It’s completely free and it gets the job done, but it’s definitely not the best in terms of organization.


  • The interface is simple.
  • It is completely free to use.
  • It works well enough.


  • The app is not good for organization.

6. ClickUp

This is another project management platform, one that is ideal for increasing productivity. However, what we are really here to look at today is the notepad feature. What’s pretty cool is that this notepad allows you to turn your thoughts into actionable items. You can use rich text editing to customize all of your notes. You can also create a checklist and track your to-dos. It’s also very easy to keep your notes organized.

What is also really neat here is that your notes, with a single click of your mouse, can be easily turned into goals, tasks, and more. This then allows you to track time, create custom workflows, and more. You could also turn your notes into documents, with docs being ideal for collaboration and personal use. These documents are also customizable to suit your needs.

What you might also appreciate is that all of your different types of notes can be centralized into a single space to make them very easy to access. It definitely has good organizational capabilities. You don’t have to jump between different applications to find a note, or between different devices, because this service takes care of all that for.


  • It is great for project management.
  • There is a diverse note taking system.
  • Notes are easy to organize.
  • It syncs with all devices.


  • The browser extension is poor.


As you can see, there are plenty of great notetaking applications out there, both for programmers and other jobs alike. Which one of these notes taking applications you choose really depends on what your requirements are. Moreover, we really only touched the tip of the iceberg here, as there are dozens of others available.

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