Snowplow Analytics Tutorials , Real-time User Analytics in Go

Analytics Data Integrity: It's tough

  • by Cory Finger

The possibilities of real-time analytics processing are amazing. But with it comes new challenges. These are some of them and some of the solutions!…

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Real-time User Analytics in Go , Go Programming Tutorials

Time Windowed Lists in Go

  • by Cory Finger

In this post we're going to talk about a data structure called a time windowed list - A list that tracks items that have occurred recently. Automatically deleting old items.…

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Cory Finger

I've been programming professionally for 13 years and can still feel completely overwhelmed by the breadth and depth of all the technologies out there. I've composed a list of tips along the way, to help anyone who feels similarly!

Also, I live in Seattle and work at Crystal

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