Best Freelance Websites for Programmers

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There is no doubt that finding work as a programmer can be extremely difficult. There is a whole lot of competition out there. However, what you might not realize is that there is plenty of opportunity out there as well. Programming is still a growing industry, mainly because our world is very technological and electronic in nature.

Quite literally everything we do is based in technology. All of those applications, programs, and pieces of technology that we use are based in code. There are literally millions and millions of potential clients out there looking for programmers who know what they are doing.

If you are a programmer but you are having trouble finding work, then you have come to the right place. The simple reality is that there are plenty of freelance websites out there. Freelance websites are great places for individual contractors and programmers to check out.

Here, people who need work done can post their jobs, who they are looking for, what the job entails, and more. You as the programmer you can then search through a long list of job postings, choose the one that works best for you, apply to it, and hopefully get the job.

However, the issue here is that there are dozens and dozens of different freelance websites out there, and not all of them are built the same.

Therefore, today, we want to take a closer look at the best freelance websites for programmers. We want to help you find some really good websites where the potential for you to find a really good programming or coding job is very high. Let’s get to it and help you find a good job using a freelance website.

The Best Freelance Websites for Programmers

Let’s now take a look at some of the very best freelance websites for programmers where you are most likely to find a good job.

1. Upwork

Upwork is by far one of the very best freelancing websites out there. One of the really cool parts of this particular freelancing website is the fact that it is so multifaceted and diverse. Yes, this is indeed one of the very best freelance websites for programmers, but so much more. Whether you are a content writer, an artist, or anything in between, this is a website where you are probably going to find a job within just a couple of days.

This particular freelancing website is well known for providing its clients with amazing services. It provides all of its users, whether clients or contractors, with absolutely amazing experiences. The hiring process, payments, and so much more, are all made very easy and straightforward.

The process here is very simple too. All that a potential client has to do is describe the work they need done, post the job, post the requirements, and that’s it. From your end, as a freelance programmer, you simply have to scroll through a list of jobs that are ideal for you. First, you can create a profile for yourself, then you can take a variety of tests to showcase your skills, create a portfolio, and much more.

If you happen to become one of the top-rated freelancers on this website, people will start coming to you to work for them, instead of you having to apply for jobs. In this way, it’s one of the most reliable job search websites around because gaining employment is very easily done, and it takes most people just a few days to do so.

What’s also pretty cool is that payment can be done on an hourly basis or on a per project basis. This system is also ideal because if you are working on a per project basis, there is also payment protection for you. When it comes down to it, we think that Upwork is by far one best options out there, not just from programmers, but for freelancers of all kinds.


  • There is a secure online payment system that provides payment protection.
  • There are thousands and thousands of jobs available at all times.
  • You can specialize your profile to find the exact jobs that you want.
  • You can customize the job list to only show you the jobs that you want.


  • There is a whole lot of competition, however.
  • There also appears to be quite a long cycle between postings and job and project completion.

2. Toptal

Here we have a freelance website that is designed mainly for programmers and developers. The main point of this particular freelancing website is to help connect talent in the engineering and software world with businesses and startups.

A cool fact about this freelance website is that it claims that it provides its clients with access to the top 3% of all freelance developers in the whole world. If you are a freelance developer or programmer, then you could be in this top 3%, especially if you have the right kind of skills and knowledge.

Now, to get started here, you are going to have to go through some testing. There are some technical screenings, a timed algorithm test, a language test, and a personality test, all of which you must pass in order to start being able to look for jobs and work at this freelance website.

Moreover, you’re also going to have to do a test project to evaluate your ability to commit to the long term. As you can see, the screening process for this freelance website is extremely rigorous and difficult. However, the main point is to make sure that only the very best of freelance programmers and coders are used.

What is worth noting is that while the screening process is very rigorous, if you manage to pass and get in, then you are very likely to find employment. If you make it through the screening process, it already means that you are likely one of the best programmers and coders out there, which means that finding employment should be relatively easy.


  • Risk-free trial
  • Ideal for finding high quality and high paying jobs
  • Plenty of quality jobs


  • Very tough screening process that many fail


Here we have another great freelancer website that is ideal for programmers, coders, artists, writers, and much more. This is a very diverse freelance website that allows people of many walks of life to find employment. As a client, you can list a variety of projects, including what the requirements are, and more.

As a freelancer, you can then bid on these projects with competitive pricing. You can scroll through a list of the projects that suit your qualifications the best, you can choose the ones that work best for you, and you can then apply to them. This website features a simple process in terms of finding work and applying to jobs.

What does need to be said here is that there are thousands of potential jobs at any given time, although there are also a whole lot of freelancers buying for those jobs, so there is a lot of competition. However, if you create a really good profile and portfolio for yourself, something that really displays your skills and values, then chances are that you will be hired over the others.

This website is known for having a lot of competition, but much of that competition is not exactly high quality. Therefore, if you manage to distinguish yourself from the rest, you have a great chance of finding employment.


  • Ideal for finding specific jobs
  • Lots of jobs available
  • Allows you to create a nice profile and portfolio


  • Can be expensive
  • Lots of competition
Best Freelance Websites for Programmers

4. Guru

Here we have another fantastic freelancing website that is ideal for a variety of occupations. Artists, writers, musicians, programmers, coders, developers, and more, can all use this particular freelancing website. There are literally thousands and thousands of jobs posted at any given time, plus a whole lot of freelancers too.

What is really cool is that you can filter through a massive list of potential jobs that you want to apply to. You can search through the list of job postings as is, or you can activate certain filters to specify exactly what you are looking for, such as programming and coding jobs. The best jobs that match your abilities will always be at the top of the list, so you never have to look for a very long time.

What you might also like about Guru is the fact that you can create a highly specialized profile. You can specify your location, what categories you excel in, what your specialties are, what you charge, and what your client feedback is like. This allows potential clients to search for you specifically. Therefore, you definitely want to create a solid profile when using Guru.

What people also like about this freelancing website is the fact that payments are very secure. There is a payment security system in place that protects both clients and freelancers from being scammed. Moreover, sharing projects, communicating, and everything in between, is all made very easy through the user-friendly interface.


  • Payment protection
  • Specialized jobs
  • Plenty of opportunities


  • High fees for non-members

5. Fiverr

Yet another great freelancer website is Fiverr. One of the cool aspects of fiber is that everything is neatly divided into smaller chunks or sections. In other words, you can choose whether you want to be listed as a writer, an artist, a singer, programmer, coder, a web developer, or anything in between. You can really specialize your profile to display your skills and to showcase your talents.

On the other hand, companies can then search for specific types of employees, such as web designers or coders. They will then be directed to a list of the top-rated freelancers. Therefore, you do want to create yourself a very nice looking profile.

What is also cool is that as a freelancer, you can pay some extra money to showcase yourself, which means that you will always be listed at the top of the list of potential freelancers when companies search for job categories.

This makes it much more likely that you will be hired. If you do a really good job, you will also be left good reviews that other clients will then see. Just be aware that this website is often used for smaller projects, not long-term collaborations.


  • Create a solid profile
  • Job specialties
  • Affordable


  • Not ideal for big jobs


As you can see, there are plenty of great freelance websites out there. Now, it is up to you to choose one or two of them, make a solid profile, and start applying to jobs.

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