Best Backpack for Programmers in 2024

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If you are a programmer who always has your laptop with you, then you need a safe and easy way to transport it. Well, this is exactly what we are here to help you find today, the best backpack for programmers. We have five awesome options for you to look at, so let’s get right to it.

Comparison Chart

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Laptop Backpack,Business Travel Anti Theft Slim Durable Laptops Backpack with USB Charging Port,Water Resistant College School Computer Bag for Women & Men Fits 15.6 Inch Laptop and Notebook
412l+KASoNL. SL160
Laptop Backpack 17 Inch with Cable Organizers Large Travel Backpack for Men Women TSA Friendly Waterproof Backpack with USB Charging Port Work College Business Computer Bag for 17.3 Inch Laptop
41+hOjyqQcL. SL160
Xtreme Sight Line ~ Xecutive Transport Faraday Backpack for Laptops, Tablets, and Other Mid-Size Electronics ~ Data Security for Executive Travel ~ Tracking/Hacking Defense
51p3pPsZ00L. SL160
MANCIO Vintage Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port, Slim Tear Resistant Business Backpack for Travelling, College, School, Casual Daypacks for Men,Women, Fits up to 15.6Inch Notebook
41mZXgX X6L. SL160
Lenovo Laptop Backpack B210, 15.6-Inch Laptop/Tablet, Durable, Water-Repellent, Lightweight, Clean Design, Sleek for Travel, Business Casual or College, GX40Q17225, Black Casual Backpack

Best Backpacks for Programmers: Reviews

1. Volher Laptop Travel Backpack

51Bb5RLFKiL. SL500

This is an affordable travel backpack that is ideal for transporting your laptop and so much more. It comes in at a rather affordable price yet has some pretty good features.

Product Highlights

This backpack actually comes in two different sizes, one that can hold a laptop of up to 15.6 inches, and another that can hold a laptop of up to 17 inches. In fact, both models come with a separate compartment for a larger laptop, as well as for a smaller laptop or tablet. The backpack itself is also more than large enough to fit a variety of clothes, binders, chargers, books, and more.

Furthermore, it comes with compartments for easy organization, plus there are also a number of exterior zippered pockets. You also get mesh drink holders for even more organizational capabilities. In terms of overall capacity and organizational capabilities, we really like this backpack. What’s pretty cool is the anti-theft pocket on the back that helps to protect valuable items.

What else stands out is that it is quite comfortable, as it comes complete with padded shoulder straps that are fully adjustable for size. It also comes complete with a multi panel, vent padded back support, so your back won’t start hurting from wearing it, plus it also helps protect the laptop from banging your back.

Although it’s not the most expensive backpack around, it is made out of very durable polyester fabric combined with metal zippers. In fact, this polyester fabric is water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about a bit of light rain, although it’s not 100% waterproof. Let’s not forget that it also comes with a USB charging port.

What We Like

We like how this is just a really decent backpack that comes in at a good price. It’s comfortable, has good padding, can fit plenty of items, and has a few cool extras as well. It’s not like it’s the number one best backpack in the whole world, but for the low price it comes in at, there’s really nothing to complain about.

What We Don’t Like

One of the things that could be better about this backpack is that it could be 100% waterproof. It’s only water resistant, which means that a heavy rain might make its way through the material.


  • Good price
  • Durable (for the price)
  • Good comfort features
  • Water resistant
  • Roomy
  • Good organizational capabilities


  • Could be totally waterproof

2. Dakuly Laptop Backpack

412l+KASoNL. SL500

If you are looking for a laptop backpack with plenty of room and great organizational capabilities, then this is a great option to keep in mind.

Product Highlights

This is quite a large backpack, as it comes in at 14.5 by 8.3 by 18.9 inches and it can fit a laptop of up to 17.3 inches, and yes, it is a padded compartment. The laptop compartment is very well padded to help ensure its safety no matter how long you are underway for.

The backpack itself is quite roomy in general, as it does come with three large main compartments, as well as two side pockets. It’s definitely a good offer in terms of organizational capabilities. The back of it also comes complete with an anti-theft pocket that helps to protect your most valuable items.

This is also quite the comfortable backpack, as it comes with a bit of padded back support to help keep your back in decent condition while wearing it. It then also features padded shoulder straps that are fully adjustable in length. Yes, the backpack is a bit large, but it isn’t too heavy, and it is fairly comfortable overall.

Something that we do really appreciate about this backpack is that it is made with high quality polyester, complete with a high-grade nylon lining. Together they allow for an extremely durable backpack that also happens to be waterproof and tear resistant. Yes, this backpack is 100% waterproof, which is a pretty big bonus as far as carrying your laptop is concerned.

This backpack also comes with a USB charging port, so you can keep something like an external battery inside of it, and then run the cable through the side of the backpack to charge your phone or whatever other device you have on your person. It also comes complete with a small case that is designed to hold a variety of chargers and cables

What We Like

One of the things that we really like about this particular backpack is the fact that it is very spacious and can hold a very large laptop. There is also the fact that it is 100% waterproof, which is a pretty big bonus, not to mention that it comes in at a reasonable price.

What We Don’t Like

One of the only things that we don’t really like about this backpack is that it is a bit bulky. It’s not like it’s overly heavy, but it is quite chunky. It just takes up a good bit of space.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Very spacious
  • Good organizational features
  • USB charging port
  • Anti-theft pocket
  • TSA approved


  • A bit chunky

3. Xtreme Sight Line ~ Xecutive Transport Faraday Backpack

41+hOjyqQcL. SL500

Here we have an extremely high quality and spacious backpack that is going to help protect your laptop and other devices from thefts of all kinds. Yes, this backpack comes complete with a built in Faraday cage.

Product Highlights

OK, so this backpack is what is essentially a Faraday cage that is made with Faraday fabric. This means that it is made with special types of fabric and materials that have the ability to block a variety of signals, such as GPS, Bluetooth, phone signals, RF signals, Wi-Fi, and more. The simple reality is that nobody’s going to be hacking into your device when you are wearing this backpack.

On that note, this backpack is made with very high-quality Faraday fabric combined with tear resistant military grade 1680 ballistic nylon. This is by far the most durable and reliable backpack on the list today. That said, there is a reason why it costs more than $200. With that being said, it is extremely durable, not to mention that it is 100% waterproof as well.

The backpack itself comes with a padded laptop compartment that can fit a laptop up to 17 inches by 12 inches. This means that it should be able to fit even the largest of laptops, plus the main compartment also has plenty of space for other items. You also get two smaller zippered compartments on the outside, as well as two mesh pockets for extra carrying and organizational capabilities.

This backpack is complete with fairly wide and well-padded adjustable shoulder straps for comfort. There is also a little bit of padding in the back to help keep you comfortable. With that being said, comfort definitely wasn’t the main focus when designing this backpack. The main focus here is durability and protection against radio frequency signals.

What We Like

Of course, we just really like the fact that his backpack is essentially a Faraday cage that helps protect all of your electronics from high tech scammers. On that note, it’s a really durable backpack in general.

What We Don’t Like

What we definitely don’t like about this particular backpack is the fact that it costs well over $200. With that said, you get what you pay for, and what you get here is quality. On the side note, it’s not exactly the most comfortable backpack around.


  • Faraday cage
  • Superior durability
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Roomy
  • Good organizational capabilities


  • Not overly comfortable

4. MANCIO Vintage Laptop Backpack

51p3pPsZ00L. SL500

Here we have a fairly stylish yet super simple laptop backpack that comes in at a very reasonable price. It’s the kind of thing that you can easily wear on a daily basis for casual wear.

Product Highlights

This particular backpack is a bit smaller than most of the others we have looked at so far, as this one is designed to hold a laptop of up to 15.6 inches. The laptop compartment itself is very well padded for the safety of your device. On that note, although the backpack in general is not overly massive, the interior main compartment still has plenty of space for all of your most valuable goods.

This backpack also comes with an exterior zippered compartment for added organizational capabilities, as well as an even smaller zippered pocket located on the front.

It also has dual pockets located on the sides for drinks and other small goods. You might also appreciate how this unit comes with a USB charging point, so you can charge your phone by running a cable through the backpack to a battery on the inside.

Many people also note that this backpack is fairly comfortable, as it comes with pretty wide shoulder straps that have a good bit of padding and are fully adjustable for length. There is also a bit of padding in the back to help keep your back comfortable. We do also like how this backpack is quite lightweight so it’s not going to weigh you down.

What We Like

We really like how this is kind of a vintage or retro backpack. It just looks fairly neat and stylish. We also like the fact that it is an overall decent laptop backpack that comes in at a very low price.

What We Don’t Like

One of the things that we don’t like about this backpack is the fact that it is not overly durable, nor is it waterproof.


  • Compact yet spacious
  • Good organizational capabilities
  • Looks really cool
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight
  • Great price


  • Not overly durable

5. Lenovo Laptop Backpack

41mZXgX X6L. SL500

Here we have what is by far the most affordable laptop backpack on the list today. It is also the most basic and has the least features. However, if you just need something very basic to carry your laptop, then this is it.

Product Highlights

This is a very simple and basic laptop backpack and that is just large enough to fit a laptop of 15.6 inches. As we said before, this laptop backpack is very compact. Now, the main compartment is large enough to fit a few other items, such as books, your phone, tablet, or anything else at the sort, although it’s definitely not all that large.

There are some separate pockets for organizational capabilities, but they definitely aren’t very big. The main goal of this laptop backpack is to provide you with a safe and easy way to transport your laptop. It’s not designed to be a fully functional backpack in the sense that you might be used to. It’s really just designed for your laptop and a few other goods.

With that being said, we like the fact that this backpack is made out of the polyester fabric, which is an extremely durable type of material that is tear resistant. At the same time, this material is also water and snow repellent, so you don’t really have to worry about your laptop or other electronic devices getting wet.

What we really like about this particular backpack is that it is very comfortable. It comes with extremely wide and well-padded shoulder straps that aren’t going to dig into your shoulders, plus they are adjustable. At the same time, there is also a quilted back panel to help keep your back as comfortable as can be.

What We Like

We like how this is just a really small and compact laptop backpack that comes in after very reasonable price. It’s so small and compact that you’ll probably barely be able to feel it on your person.

What We Don’t Like

We don’t like how this backpack is so small that you really cannot fit much else inside of it. Moreover, it’s just not overly stylish either.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Comfortable
  • Fits a laptop of 15.6 inches
  • Good for organization
  • Very durable
  • Super low price


  • Not much space at all

Buyers Guide

Before we call it a day, let’s take a quick look at some important considerations to keep in mind when choosing a laptop backpack.

1. Size

Always pay attention to the size of the backpack in question. You don’t want something huge, but it does need to be big enough to fit your laptop. So, the main consideration here is really how large your laptop is. Just make sure that your bag isn’t so big and heavy that it’s uncomfortable to wear.

2. Material

Make sure that the backpack in question is made out of solid materials, with options such as polyester and nylon being perfectly fine. It doesn’t have to be something military grade, but it should be tough enough to withstand basic use. On that note, if the material you get also happens to be waterproof, then you’re on the right track.

3. Laptop Pockets

Seeing as the main point here is to carry your laptop, you should look for a model that has a padded laptop compartment. This will help ensure the safety of your laptop.

4. Comfort

Always look for a backpack that has wide and padded shoulder straps, as well as some kind of padding or support for the back.

5. Safety Features

There are some nice backpacks that have anti-theft pockets for valuables built into them. Even better is if you can find a Faraday cage backpack to protect your electronics.


1. What’s the best material for a backpack?

Something like solid nylon is going to serve you well here. Nylon is durable and tear resistant, plus it is usually waterproof as well. That said, some basic polyester will do fine as well.

2. How large should a laptop backpack be?

How large your backpack should be depends on how large your laptop is. That said, to make sure that things aren’t too tight, we recommend going for a model that is slightly on the larger side, especially as far as the main compartment is concerned.

3. Can laptop backpacks be used as normal backpacks?

Yes, laptop backpacks can be used as regular bags. They are essentially just regular backpacks with built in laptop compartments.


Ok, so if price is not an issue, then the Xtreme Sight Line ~ Xecutive Transport Faraday Backpack is absolutely the best backpack for programmers on the list today. It comes with everything you’d expect from a nice backpack, with the added protection of a Faraday cage.

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